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Padworth Common Nature Reserve

Padworth ( Distance 479 Miles )
Padworth Common is a tranquil reserve filled with wildlife, from heathland to woodland ponds. You can find adders, slow worms and grass snakes through to frogs, newts and toads. Butterflies and moths
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Inkpen Crocus Field Nature Reserve

Newbury ( Distance 495 Miles )
Inkpen Crocus Field is the largest wild display of crocuses, hundreds of thousands fill the area every spring. The crocus field slopes down to a spring fed stream and the back up again to a fine meado
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Inkpen Common

Newbury ( Distance 494 Miles )
Inkpen Great Common nature reserve is split into 2 halves, the smaller south western is a beautiful woodland with oak and birch. The larger eastern part includes heather and gorse with a bog and a pon
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Greenham and Crookham Commons

Thatcham ( Distance 487 Miles )
The vast space of Greenham and Crookham Commons is the largest continuous tract of open heath in Berkshire. It has wildflower grassland, gorse and colourful heathers all intertwined with gravel pathwa
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Bowdown Woods Nature Reserve

Thatcham ( Distance 487 Miles )
Come and spend some time in a natural playground, amongst the heathland and sunny glades. The river Kennet through to Greenham Common is a vast reserve and a lovely space for wildlife and people to sh
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Averys Pightle Meadow

Newbury ( Distance 491 Miles )
Avery’s Pightle is rich Nature Reserve full of insect life and nesting birds, its one of Berkshires few remaining unspoilt meadows with 137 species of plants. Come and visit the abundance of wil
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Kintbury Newt Ponds

Newbury ( Distance 494 Miles )
Kintburys newt pond is a nature reserve and home to the protected and nationally rare great crester newt. It also has the ideal nesting conditions for a range of summer migratory birds. Share this...F
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Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham

  • Thatcham ( Distance 486 Miles )
  • Come along to The Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham for a lovely walk around our lake or a play on our enclosed playgrounds. Suitable for all ages, we have a café and shop inside our building with
    01636 677711

    Thatcham Reedbeds Nature Reserve

    Thatcham ( Distance 486 Miles )
    Thatcham Reedbeds Nature Reserve includes a range of wildlife including a variety of dragonflies, damselflies and a host of warblers. If your lucky you may even hear a cuckoo or a nightingale. Share t
    01636 677711

    Hosehill Lake Nature Reserve

    Theale ( Distance 478 Miles )
    Hosehill Lake has a wide range of water birds and a wildflower meadow. Look out for the Exmoor ponies grazing in the spring and autumn. To the south of the lake you can find butterfly bank where the i
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    Rack Marsh Nature Reserve

    Newbury ( Distance 490 Miles )
    Rack Marsh is a fine old wet meadow with a lovely array of wetland wild flowers and birds. Share this...FacebookTwitteremail
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    Sole Common Pond Nature Reserve

    Newbury ( Distance 492 Miles )
    Rich in wildlife Sole Common Pond can be found in the middle of a piece of ancient Berkshire common. The heathland and woodlands are beautiful but the pond is brimming with life, a huge variety of dra
    01636 677711

    Snelsmore Common Country Park

    Newbury ( Distance 489 Miles )
    Snelsmore Common Country Park is a beautiful and varied heathland with a variety of networks of paths. With an abundance of wildlife from woodlarks singing to adders basking in the sun to grazing poni
    01636 677711

    Watts Bank Nature Reserve

    Hungerford ( Distance 498 Miles )
    Watts Bank Nature Reserve is a small reserve on a steep southwest slope which provides ideal conditions for wildflowers and at least 16 different species of grass. The hillside is a suntrap and natura
    01636 677711

    Seven Barrows Nature Reserve

    Lambourn ( Distance 497 Miles )
    Seven Barrows is an ancient and atmospheric site which is nationally important for its archaeology, home to a wonderful variety of chalk grassland flowers and butterflies. Share this...FacebookTwitter