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Signing 0-1 yrs


Effective communication is definitely the key to life, and a skill that needs to be honed from the very start. As a parent with a baby we often feel helpless or clueless because we are unable to have effective communication with our baby to understand their exact needs and requirements. The first form of communication with a baby starts with body language that includes gestures, expressions and hand movements- together encompassed as baby signing.  

Baby signing classes help stimulate the senses and will teach you both how to develop a whole new language to communicate their “needs” and “wants” with you.

How learning sign language enhances communication? 

Imagine if instead of screaming your baby was able to tell you exactly what was wrong or what they wanted. Using simple sign language with your baby could open up a window into your child’s mind. The most frequently asked question about this growing phenomenon is “will signing with my baby inhibit their speech?” Research shows, that in fact the opposite is true - baby signing provides a platform for your baby to develop language and it also reduces frustration. When your baby is able to communicate with you, through baby signing or baby language, both you and your baby will be more at ease. Signing groups are thus a great start to communication skills for both the baby and parents.  

Get On Board Parents!

Meet like-minded parents and experience for yourself the benefits and joys of signing with your baby. You will be able to spend quality time with your baby and be more ready to fulfill their needs. You can stop wondering all the time what they need and actually have the answers. Many parents around you have already taken up this great opportunity to enhance communication; it’s time for you to get on board.  

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